About NÜN:

Every individual contains an exceptional light that is unique to them. NÜN is inspired by bringing that light out, creating visual radiance within and without the adorned. Inspired by the way light moves within space, as well as around our bodies, the pieces within NÜN replicate the sun as well as the beams that emanate from it. 

About the Designer: 

Schentell Nunn began designing jewelry in elementary school, creating extensive amounts of friendship bracelets and selling them to her peers on the playground. Her undying desire to create has since led her to work extensively in the field of Floral Design, as well as led her to a receive her BFA in Interior Architecture and Design from the Academy of Art University of San Francisco. Once moving to Brooklyn, NY after college,  Nunn's focus once again returned to her lifelong passion of designing jewelry. Nunn launched NÜN in 2014 and creates all designs by hand in her Brooklyn home.